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Agnieszka Bożejewicz

Owenr of Baga

Baga is a Polish brand offering a wide range of bags, covers, cases and bags of travelers (including underwear, shoes, phone, laptop). They are made from different fabrics, including velvet, satin and cotton, and in every size and color.
Products Bags can be used on both sides.
All production is located in Poland.

Bagi's flagship product is a multi-chamber bag. The pattern is protected in the Patent Office, which provides the company with exclusive rights to the production, import, export and distribution in Poland.

Baga is also an alternative to plastic bags littering the environment, which until recently reigned supreme in the Polish suitcases and a response to the growing public awareness of environmental protection.

The owner of Baga and author of its flagship product is Agnieszka Bożejewicz. Her love for high heels, high sense of aesthetics and the need to have better organization of time and space (home, bags and suitcases) led to the creation of product lines Baga.


Certyficate                              Protected bag patterm