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Baga is a Polish brand offering a wide range of bags, covers, cases and bags of travelers (including underwear, shoes, phone, laptop). They can be a great gift or its packaging.

Where did the idea for Bage?

My professional life for the last several years was associated with frequent trips, packing and movement.

Long ago, while on vacation with my friend Agata, we lived in one room. To this day I remember how one day Agata went to the bathroom with a beautiful, sewn with a taffeta purple bag on his shoulder. I was charmed by it. Girls Night curiosity made me ask, "What do you got there?". She replied that she got her purse from one of the customers along with sweets as a gift business. Sweets eaten long ago, and the bag still serves as her traveling bag for underwear, shoes, pantyhose, cosmetics and so on.

With shame when I looked at my suitcase, from which protruded crumpled plastic bags. In one underwear, shoes in another, in the next swimsuits.
As I am an esthete, awakened in me an old wives' I also want to have this, buy it directly on the Internet. "
I did not buy because I did not find.
This caused me great surprise. How so? So many people are traveling, appreciates aesthetics, elegance, discretion, there are so many shops, auction, trading platforms, producers, and I have to choose? I discovered a gap in the market. I was left with nothing to do but start to produce such bags.

Demand exceeded my expectations. Still I develop my shop, broadening the offer, carefully listen to suggestions and comments. There are new designs and styles.
I am extremely proud of the fact that one of the models created my bag received protection at the Patent Office. As the only one in Poland so I have exclusive rights to the production, import, export and distribution in Poland.

- Run your own shop or you own an online store and would like to sell it Bage,
- You are a stylist, editor of magazines / portals of fashion and would like to hire Bage for a photo shoot
- You own a business / hotel / guest house - will do Bage with your company logo
- You are a distributor of underwear, suitcases, bags, travel accessories
I invite you to cooperation.
I hope that everyone will find something in my shop for themselves.

Feel free to purchase and greet cordially.

Agnieszka Bożejewicz
The owner of the store Baga

Tel. +48 601 910 842

e-mail :